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A complimentary copy of any newsletter or a link to the site where the article is posted would be greatly appreciated.

You can "sext" all you want; it's still not actual sex.

reat advice on saving money on groceries from consumer reports, the organization that really looks out for ‘deals’.

Find a nice jar and cut different colored paper into heart-shaped pieces.

Write "I Love You" in a different language on each heart and place it in the jar. Add a nice ribbon around the jar and you have a wonderful jar of "Love" to give.

We wish sites would be more transparent about their fees.

There are no compatibility filters, so once you’ve filtered by the basics, there’s no way of narrowing it down.

Well, let’s say that the idea on which I am based has always been somewhat romantic.

There is a connection, but it's not as significant as you'd think.

So, I feel a tad bit guilty laughing like an imbecile over this title. by Troy Conway (1968) God knows, there are plenty of trashy novels with gut-wrenching titles.

I chose this one because I feel it possesses a special sort of awfulness.

Very well managed, new, clean design makes it more appealing to navigate.