Start Free adult hookup with free messaging and no credit card needed

Free adult hookup with free messaging and no credit card needed

So he went to upgrade for a new phone had it for 3 days all of a sudden the phone shutts off now it wont work. So my husband went there to where he got the phone.

Your Execs really need to get back at the table and evaluate sales and future profits.

Offering great deals to new customers, doesn’t guarantee they will stay!

IVE BEEN A CUSTOMER FOR A LONG TIME OFF AND ON BECAUSE BETTER DEALS WLESE WHERE. When they know they wrong, why argue, just fix it and all is done. Reply i have one of Metro Employer working in Port Charlotte on Kings Hi way he goes by the Name Adam but his real Name is Ghanim Hashasch he has taken me for $ 20.000 to buy a Store ither in Port Charlotte or Ft Myers .i told him to give me back my Money .i am an 83 year old Women he has a real canoeing way to get some Money out of you the Job he can make a lot more Money if he has his owne Store ,he love me so much that i would let him have the Money ,every Day he wants more ,let me drive your Car my Car got to many Miles oh i buy Your Tread mill never Pay for at , i pay for Tricxi the $3000.00 Micro never pay for her got her back in such bad Shape .every day he come to my House without invitation .taken my Phone out of my auto Pay without my Permission ,so all i got to say i told him over an over not to take my $ 20.000 an buy a Metro Store with at i told him for Days an many E Mails that i want my $ 20.000 back ,if he don’t i will have to take him to Court to get at back ,so i hope that you don’t get involved him buying a Metro Store from my Money sincerely Trudy Harteg Reply My husband got screwed by metro pcs.

I currently have 3 lines on my account, but with the deal offering 4 lines for what I’m paying now, I would upgrade and get a line for my son. Instead of going thru the hassle of getting the same deal at another carrier I would keep it simple and stay where I am, if the option was available.

Most go through different carriers just to upgrade the phones and they aren’t losing anything, because they can take their number with them! You’re truly not gaining more customers, it;s temporary until the next big deal comes!

Offer those deals to new and existing customers and offer two year upgrades on phones and I guarantee your customer following would increase ten fold!

Although executives at T-Mobile had stated at the time of the acquisition that all locations would be rebranded into T-Mobile locations, this has yet to occur.